About Karen

“I had a college professor once who wrote me a note on a test, ‘look how much better you do when you write?’ His tests always had several sections, including short answer and essay questions. I always nailed the essays.”


My First Diary and More

Karen began keeping a diary when she was nine. She’s been writing ever since. From those early days with her little blue faux-leather diary with a key she couldn’t keep track of, to her blogger beginnings in 2007 and beyond, words are always appearing and rearranging themselves in her head and online.

The Evolution of a Blogger

What began as a way to keep in touch with friends and family during a medical journey with her daughter became a passion for writing online, communicating with people and using social media to connect, amuse, speak up, and learn. Karen has kept a personal blog since 2007, where she documented her daughter’s journey with Atresia/Microtia, as well as sponsored posts and reviews. As a professional content creator and social media manager, she has written content and managed social media platforms for Susan Finch (Susan Finch Solutions) Lany Sullivan, Metro’s Best Electric, Casey’s Plumbing, National Women’s Business Directory, Starfish Luxury Vacation Rentals, Kristin Corcoran Fitness, and Curb Your Clutter Organizing.


You can read more about Karen and her life on her personal blog, Beyond Words Life, and her now-defunct starter blog, Random Thoughts From A Suburban Mom.


To find out more about her services, email her at klmares@beyondwordsmedia.net, or fill out her Contact Form.


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