Resource: Free Stock Photos

Photos are important for your posts and pages. They also can cost you an arm and a leg. If you steal them from other sites? It could cost you a whole lot more than just your arm and leg. Photos are copyrighted, along with other content on the web, including recipes. Yep. Every time you share a recipe online or grab that picture that isn’t yours without the permission of the author, you’re stealing.


Without getting into a long discussion on copyright, Creative Commons, and all that jazz, how about I just share a resource for freebies?


Free Stock Photos. Don’t Pay When You Don’t Have To

Hands down, my favorite resource for stock photos is Death To The Stock Photo. Sign up, and they send you a monthly photo pack free. The photos are beautiful, creative, have a nice edgy-ness to them, and you have license to use them. Here’s an example from a photo pack I received from them: free stock photos

There you go. Free stock photos. You’re welcome.