The Trouble With Tweetable Twitter Tools


twitter tools

Think before you auto tweet.


Twitter has a seemingly endless amount of third party auto-tweet options and tools. But how many of them are necessary? And let’s be honest, how many of the obnoxious, canned Twitter tools that tweet out brags bleed their way into your feed and turn you off of the person tweeting it?


The point of Twitter is brief conversations and random thoughts; it’s a fantastic tool for conversation, sharing thoughts, ideas, links and in-the-moment news. Here’s what it isn’t:


A place for you to tweet that your Twitter account is worth $35,000.


A place for you to say, “How I Did On Twitter Today!” and brag about how many followers you gained, engagement, and reach achieved.


A place for you to brag on how many people and who interacted with you the most.


No one cares except you.


This isn’t connection. It’s conversation poison. Would you do that in person at a cocktail party? Let’s extend the cocktail party scenario:

  • “So, tonight I’ve had 10 people come up and talk to me, and so-and-so talked to me the most.”
  • “My time at this party is worth $35,000.”
  • “How I’ve done at this cocktail party tonight: three numbers, two repeated sentences, and nine thumbs up! “

Don’t do this, please. It’s stupid. Yes, I said it. Stupid.


Bad Twitter Tools – Good Reason

These tools are developed for what is likely a very good reason. My sense is the developers think this is a value-add to twitter. The quantifying of social media helps make business decisions. Here’s what I can’t quite fathom: tweeting the information out to your followers.


You know what *actually* adds value to Twitter? Non-canned, genuine responses. The napalm method of spewing out Twitter stats all over the place in hopes of killing something makes you appear social-media inept.


Respond to people in an actual way. I’m not certain what the expected response from Twitter followers is supposed to be when these tweets are published. You don’t start a conversation with an opening like that, do you? People would assume you are a complete clod. Twitter is a conversation space. Don’t be a clod. Resist the temptation to use Twitter tools like this. You look bad. Actually, you look like a bore.

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